Have you been scouring the web looking for current information on importing US boats to Canada?

Do you want to save 30% or more on your next boat?

Do you need a trustworthy, comprehensive, GUARANTEED resource to help you import a boat from the US?

Do you want to avoid paying a broker to import a boat for you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you have just found exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Crossing the 49th – The Complete 2018 e-Book Guide to Finding and Importing a US Boat into Canada 

What you will learn:

  • How to find a US Boat - links to key websites
  • 3 important pitfalls to avoid when importing
  • How to evaluating your dream boat from afar
  • The purchasing process – detailed step by step instructions
  • Hidden Costs you need to KNOW!!
  • Transport options and costs
  • A simple budgeting tool for a true total cost of importation
  • Border, customs and taxation rules in simple English
  • 3 common oversights that could cost you BIG money
  • All required forms you will need throughout the process

Actual Customer Comments...

Cameron in Ontario

Hi Kris, thanks for letting me know about your new book. I did buy your "Crossing the 49th" book last year as I was planning to buy a used Catalina 320 located in Rhode Island. I did buy the boat and followed your book's recommendation to the letter and everything went off without a hitch. I believe the best suggestion, which I never would have thought of, was to use a Canadian Transport company instead of a US based company. The book was an excellent investment for me.

Martin in Ontario

"My boat import from US to Ontario went smoothly, and I got everything I needed to know from your book - what to do & when to do it, as well as the confidence to know I was doing what I had to do to avoid problems. It was a big help. I recommend your book to any Canadian contemplating buying a boat in the US market. Cheers -"

Alvin in Quebec

"I found 'Crossing the 49th' very informative"

Dale in Fredricton

"Thanks Kris.....a lot of very useful information in there"

Al from Ontario

"Your book was a great read. I just received my boat last week from Georgia.....Registering in Canada was a little challenging....feel free to use my comments on your website."

Steve in New Brunswick

"The Paypal process was a breeze. I just quickly scanned the book, and my initial impression is that it is simple and straightforward, and contains a lot more info and links than expected. Even if I don't import a boat, it is $10 well spent.  I assumed it would probably be $19.95, which I would have been happy to pay."

Andrew in Ontario

"It's a great deal - some of the information in the book can't be found anywhere else so it was nice to have everything I needed in one package.  I found the chapters on taxation and evaluating a boat to be particularly useful.  The book probably saved me twenty hours of internet research."

Peter in Ontario

"Great guide Kris!  I am on a steep learning curve understanding the boating world and this has really put a lot of clarity around what I should know!"

Joe in Connecticut

"I have a couple of boats I'm surveying that are headed for Canada. So, I was surfing around checking out Canadian transport regulations and found your book in the process. The price was reasonable and I'm sure I'll learn something that would make for good talking points with potential clients from the great white north."

Susan in BC

"Thanks for your quick response to my problem.  I figured out what happened - my husband bought the book and then I bought it a second time without knowing.  Thanks so much for the fast refund.  I appreciate it!"

Christopher in Manitoba

"Had a quick read through the book, looks great.  I actually bought it as a present for my brother in Canada who is looking for a boat now.  Hopefully it will save him some money."

Peter in Gabriola Island

"I did not get the fact that it was an e-book..expected a hard copy.  But this worked fine..and $10 flat rate is a good deal...just got me off guard..old habits are hard to change..I think it's a cost effective way and efficient way to go..you might just make it a little clearer up front and eliminate the confusion for old timers like me and save you time and e-mails"


"Kris, I have been running an outdated version of Adobe Acrobat and have updated to the newest version.  I was able to open your file with this newer version.  Thanks for your prompt replies and courteous service."


"Hi Kris,

Thank you for your quick reply. I got the book. That what I what! It's very helpful and detailed for people like me with zero knowledge about recreational boating.

Thank you again for your kindness."



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